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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

Ok, so, "Signs And Portents" is quite a big episode! Me likey!

So, the potatoes of this episode is Mr. Morden going about from ambassador to ambassador asking, "What do you want?" How out of the blue and weird of a thing to ask someone, eh? The various reactions are great.

We also have a rather minor (in terms of reoccurance) story of the Eye. The important stuff of course is that it is stolen by some raiders backed by a Centauri seeking to seize power, but that a mysterious ship pops out of nowhere and blows them up after it's been stolen and it is recovered and returned to Londo via Morden. The beginning of a wonderful relationship!

And of course, we get the prophecy from Lady Ladira of B5 blowing up, which of course does come to happen, just not quite as we expected.
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