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Re: EpDis: Believers

Naaahhh; in Trek the kid would live at the end, the parents would see the error of their ways, and the Federation's respect for all life would be shown to be "Right".


A lot of people (among those who were watching back during the original P-TEN airings, anyway) have a warm place in their heart for Believers, even if they don't really care for the episode, purely because this is point when it was cemented in our minds that this was not a show that was going to play by Trek-like happy-ending with Humans-always-on-the-unequivocal-moral-high-ground rules.

I liked the concept - the struggle between religion and science, and the consequences. There is no easy answer presented, and no easy cop-out.

This is the first ep where you see B5 is not just "another sci-fi show". I remember this ep from when I first saw the first 2 seasons of B5 in high school (and subsequently lost it when it moved to 3am).
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