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Re: EpDis: Believers

To me, Believers feels too much like a bad Star Trek episode
Naaahhh; in Trek the kid would live at the end, the parents would see the error of their ways, and the Federation's respect for all life would be shown to be "Right".

A lot of people (among those who were watching back during the original P-TEN airings, anyway) have a warm place in their heart for Believers, even if they don't really care for the episode, purely because this is point when it was cemented in our minds that this was not a show that was going to play by Trek-like happy-ending with Humans-always-on-the-unequivocal-moral-high-ground rules.

GR tended to put together his current issues based episodes to build toward espousing a particular POV by the end. Even in the very rare occassions when the Federation was not left on the high ground, the audiance *and* the main characters always knew that at the end and knew where the high ground was. JMS, by contrast, was much more likely to raise issues for examination but then leave the audiance to figure out their own conclusions. Both approaches are valid and have their place in the philosophical marketplace. It was just nice to see something that was different. Very few shows, of any genre, had been willing to leave their protagonists as having any possiblity of not being proven right by the end of an episode (up until that time, anyway).

And just for the record: "because it feels like it could be any other SF show if you just changed the names" is precisely why Infection has always been my least favorite episode of B5.
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