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Re: EpDis: Believers

...worst B5 episode. I'd save that destinction for Season 4's Intersections in Real Time.
I'm almost there with you. IiRT rounds out my bottom three. My six least favorite episodes of the whole series are:

(D-) Believers
(D-) Soul Hunter
(D) Intersections in Real Time
(D+) Infection
(D+) A Spider in the Web
(D+) The Paragon of Animals

To me, Believers feels too much like a bad Star Trek episode (not to imply that all Star Trek is bad; most of the older stuff isn't, but every Trek show had its fair share of stinkers). The one good scene in it is where Sinclair is yelling at Franklin. The way Franklin yells back does cement his character as having great personal conviction. It's just too hard to put up with the rest of the episode just for that one scene.
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