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Re: EpDis: Believers

The premise of the believers seemed to be that if their "shell' was broken ie by surgery, then the soul seeped out: major surgery/paper cut, bye bye soul is my reading on their beliefs.
It has been a fair while since I've seen Believers, so I would have to check and see if it is actually stated or if it was just my "impression", but ....

My impression was that the "shell", for purposes of losing one's soul, was basically defined as the thoracic cavity rather than the entire body. The typical, everybody-is-always-going-to-had-them types of injuries to the limbs would not be in an issue. Until medical science becomes relatively advanced (long after such a religous belief would have become engrained), the mortality rate from the kinds of wounds that would count would be very high regardless of whether they tried to save the victim.
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