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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Because that would annihilate an entire solar system, when maybe they only want to take out the one planet.
So they were willing to kill entire planets with billions of people on them just to get to one person (Centauri Prime for Londo among others), so I don't think that would be something they were concerned with.
Morden implied that eliminating the Narn was on the Shadows' agenda. "All in good time" or something like that when Londo half-jokingly asked if they might as well not kill all the Narn. My guess is that they hold a grudge against the Narn for kicking them off their planet a thousand years ago.

But First Ones think very big-scale and are patient, so they combined the two goals of destroying Narn with corrupting the Centauri. If they couldn't get Londo, they would just use Refa (which they started to do) or any other ambitious Centauri, of which I'm sure there was no short supply.
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