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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

I would think... that First Ones were quite capable of removing an inconvenient star.

However, even for them... directly destroying a tiny planet (tiny in relative sense) could prove notably quicker/easier than destroying a *massive* star.

Although, admittedly... it would probably depend on how easily a particular civilization could manufacture particular objects... namely black holes below their natural threshold mass. Portable ones.

Because such an object... a pre-manufactured singularity delivered into a star... probably could destroy a star quickly.

Resulting collapse would probably draw most of the star's mass inward. How fast... I cannot predict. My calculation (admittedly intuitive, not numerical) seems to suggest a quick collapse... but without adequate knowledge of the physical principles involved, I could be wrong.

If the star's element composition has reached a suitable phase... such a process might *slightly* resemble a nova.

But this does *not* seem what happened to the Dilgar sun (and probably neither to the Earth sun as depicted in "Deconstruction").

Because the resulting black hole would sure draw attention, and leave no question about the artificial nature of what has happened.
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