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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Not neccessarily, it could have been caused by them, or it could have been caused by, say the Vorlons? Perhaps the Jhadur wasn't the first Dilgar that the Vorlons disposed of, but, rather the last?
This wouldn't jibe with the "historical" importance of Earth saving the non-Allied worlds from the Dilgar, which made humans a major political force. Unless maybe the Vorlons decided to wipe out the Dilgar after they had already been beaten, but that ain't their style. I don't think they would even give a shit.

I thought it was the Humans that made Sol go Nova in DoFS, because we were ready to move into the Vorlon home Planet, and wanted to keep Earth out of the wrong hands?
I don't remember anything in that episode that implied or indicated that humans caused it to go nova. And why would they- if the Vorlons kept their home planet secure, why wouldn't humans?

However, our sun won't go nova for billions of years, so making it go nova that soon is either, as you say, man-made (hardly the action the peaceful, enlightened race depicted in DoFS) or just a scientific gaffe by the show.
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