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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Even better than a villian you can hate is a villian that has a personaility and doesn't see themselves as evil. Of course acting that can be difficult.
I think J'hadur accepted that she was evil. She didn't care about the lives of those outside of her race, and since they're destroyed, she might as well take everyone down with her, even if she's not around to see it. Her boasted was not that she wasn't evil, rather that she is and those around are also but are too hypocritical to admit it.

By the way, what did happen to the Dilgar? It seemed implied that they were completely wiped out- if so, how? Even after losing a devastating war, some remnants of the population survive. The only way to wipe out a species completely is with a supremely contagious incurable airborne disease with a 100% fatality rate (like the Markab).

Hyp, the Nazi war criminal you're thinking of was Joseph Mengel(sp?), who "experimented" with concentration camp prisoners.
(I was starting to type some of his actions, but I just ate breakfast...)
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