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Probably my favorite bit of this episode is the G'kar/Catherine interaction. At first G'kar's up to his old tricks, blustering and intimidating -- and then he sends a "heavily armed" fighter to the same place, and everyone who doesn't yet know how these shows work is thinking, "Crap, he's going to kill her!" But no, it's the introduction of the First Ones and the Narns are there to rescue her. But the best is yet to come, as G'kar explains his motivations, and then gives that brief and yet profoundly eloquent speech about "those who walk near Sigma 957..."

It's really the first time we see any real compassion or depth of character to G'kar, and also the first time we really encounter his spectacular gift with words. We see, in this episode, the building blocks of the Narn we've all come to know and love from the later seasons.
The quote about us being mere ants to the Old Ones and the fact that we can either keep from being underfoot or be stepped on, followed by the comment about being glad that there are still mysteries in the universe that we haven't solved, made me look twice at G'Kar and really start to appreciate him. All other aspects of the episode were good ... but not as important to me. I do however agree that the campiness of the over annunciated dialogue was a plaguing factor for nearly every character that did it aside from ... maybe ... Draal.
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