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Re: EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

I thought the actor who plays Knight 2 did a great job of bringing the character to life - it's hard to imagine Walter Koenig would be as good in the role (was it originally written for him?). It's a shame he never reappeared. And Knight 1 was in Star Trek 2..
Let us be grateful for large mercies that Koenig got handed the role of Bester instead. Far more room to continue and grow.

What might have been best, however, is if Patrick McGoohan (sp?), from the Prisoner, had been in the country at the time. I'm told he read the script and loved it, but couldn't make it....
This is correct. Koenig was recovering from a heart attack at the time and couldn't accpet the role (his episode 'Mind War' was originally scheduled to run tenth, but WB was so pleased with it they asked that it be broadcast earlier). McGoohan did love the script, but was going to be out of the country and never did get a chance to appear.

This the episode where we see that B5 is trying to cover a much larger canvas then we first thought. Conspiracy upon conspiracy piles up and we wonder who's zooming who. This was one of the best episodes on the first season.
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