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Re: EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

"And The Sky Full Of Stars" is one of the major episodes of the first season. We get a lot more about the Earth-Minbari War and it's all good. And we get a buttload more of Sinclair's missing time.

That there are people back on Earth that are not content with Sinclair running Babylon 5 and with his story of what he remembers happening at the Battle of the Line is compelling. I like that there are people in power in Earth society and government that aren't pleased with Sinclair having the possition he has; it makes the government in the show seem more real.

I really like the scene in the beginning between Franklin and Delenn where she asks him what he did during the war and we learn that he destroyed all his data on Minbari rather than let Earth use it to make weapons. And the ever mysterious Delenn easily and simply shrugs off the question when Franklin asks what she did during the war.

But as we eventually learn, Delenn was there at the Battle of the Line as part of the Grey Council when they tortured and interrogated Sinclair. I love it that the mystery isn't solved by the end of this episode. We know more than we did prior, but we don't know the whole story (but will later), which I think is great.

With Delenn trying to talk Sinclair down in the large hallway near the end, we feel that Delenn is friendly toward Sinclair, but we also are given a worry that she might not be all that friendly at all. It was a very nice tone set to keep the mystery rolling.

Overall, I think it's a great episode.
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