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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams


Yep, you're a math teacher all right!!

Or an Iraqi terorist Mr Asscroft!!! Help , she' trying to force Science on us!!!!
Never confuse mathematics with science.

agree the plot with G'Kar borders on being overdone to the point of slapstick, I gave this ep a B. The display of the various religions, the introduction of so many characters (e.g. Lennier, Na'Toth, Catherine Sakai) all make this a must see ep.
Yea, but I must confess, a slapstick that I liked.

I suppose both Londo and G'Kar had to go through a kind of "clown" stage before the real character development could take off.

My favorite line is after Na'Toth beats the crap of G'Kar to free him.

Na'Toth: 'I had to hit them (the pain givers) as hard as possible, as often as possible and still make it appear as though I were beating you into another incarnation.'
G'Kar: 'And you didn't enjoy it in the least?'
Na'Toth: 'I didn't say that.'
The evil, Cat-bert in me gets WAAAAAAAAAY too much pleasure out of that line.
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