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Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple

I like the Londo and Adira scenes, but my question is this....

What would this Trakis fellow want from the Centauri? Why was he willing to damage the career of the Centauri Ambassador to Babylon 5? Did he have some personal grudge against the Centauri? Was his homeworld one of the worlds that the Centauri controlled? I never did figure that out.
He wanted to sell it the information, probably the Narn. He says it in the show, I think to Adira. That's also why Londo' concern was for more than just his own ass, and why Sinclair helped him (as well as getting Londo to agree on that treaty)- the info could damage the entire Centauri Republic.

Adira was also Alotta Vagina in Austin Powers. She is a babe, even if bald.
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