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Re: EpDis: Infection

The main story of "Infection" I found to be rather bland. It does introduce the concept of organic technology, which is good for the show being that orgtech has such a prominent place in the lives of several of the major alien races in the galaxy. The whole purity theme was hammered a bit too hard, I think, which caused me to not really care all that much about it. So, perhaps the story of the episode is good, just not the execution of that story.

Two things in the episode I considerably enjoy:

- The scene between Sinclair and Garibaldi in Sinclair's quarters at the end. I like the whole theme of having something worth dying for versus having something worth living for, which we get even more strongly later in the show with Sheridan on Z'ha'dum. I love Sinclair's telling Garibaldi that he doesn't have an answer for Garibaldi's question and that he knows he should have one.

- The scene at the end between Franklin and Ivanova when the two security guys show up to tell Franklin that the orgtech has been ordered back to Earth for study by the EarthForce weapons devision. I love Ivanova's response: "I'll be over there getting drunk... with the rest of the aliens."
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