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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

But we know that the Minbari did NOT accept Valen's relatives after his passing. They fled into exile. Perhaps this was because they exhibited human traits, which the Minbari saw as being "impure", basically they took things a little too face value. Hmm if it don't look totally Minbari, smell totally Minbari and feel totally Minbari, it probably isn't... witch... burn them... and thus it came to pass that Valen's children didst leg it! By the time of Delenn, his descendants are back, so we can assume that they found a way to conceal any traits that might betray them, and reintergrated into Minbari society.

I think the humans and minbari might have adopted "understanding is a three edge sword" as a mantra. They have their own seperate first one societies, with two differing views, and then they have a central body, as a lasting memorial to the Alliance, made up of Rangers and teachers. This would allow both races to use their own styles in raising younger races, but with a common body as point of reference, there would be respect, understanding and continous dialogue on how the races were developing and what steps the humans/minbari should take in order to achieve the common goals.

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