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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

You've forgotten the most obvious objection to your assumption that Valen & Sakai produced Hybrid children.
The Minbari would not have tolerated such a marriage.

In order to "fit in", Sakai would find it much easier, both for herself and her children, to undergo transformation by using the Chrysalis.
This is also given as the most likely reason for the existence of THREE Triluminaries.
One for Delenn, one for Sinclair/Valen, one for Sakai.

The triluminary is capable of performing a Complete "rewrite" of a person's DNA.
From a practical point of view, it's the only way Delenn & Valen could have been changed.
The fact that Delenn's entire Metabolism changed (as noted in dialogue with Franklin) is proof that her DNA was modified.
If the changes had been "cosmetic" she wouldn't have had the problems she did in adjusting to her new hormones and other "mocifications".

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