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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

after all, we know very little about the state of the galaxy and the races of the b5 universe by the time of DoFS.
i think just because the ranger at the end looked human doesnt mean he was completely human. if he was energy based perhaps he could take any form he wished, or perhaps the image we saw was an idealized image, like the technomages electron incantations.
personally, i just love to speculate, within reason of course.
what i really find interesting is how the Humans and Minbari would react to mixed-race offspring. one would hope they would be evolved enough to see past race, especially since these two races were supposed to be coming together, as stated so many times throughout b5. i would like to think "coming together" had deeper meaning than cooperating to fight the shadows.
i wonder how a Minbari/Human halfbreed would live in either society and how they would be accepted or rejected and how Humans or Minbari would relate to them.

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