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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

David Sheridan was part Minbari and part Human. Delenn was Minbari with some human characteristics due to the chrysalis transformation. in addition to all this, the transformation of Sinclair/Valen (i still love that name) into a Minbari and the fact that many of his descendants exhibit facial hair while most Minbari are hairless might lead one to believe that at least some Minbari are compatible with Humans regardless of chrysalis transformations. Delenn is a descendant of Valen and sucessfully conceived and eventuall carried a child to term by Sheridan. also, Sinclair/Valen produced descendants by Sakai after his transormation, producing the bearded minbari we see occasionally. it only stands to reason that over time as the Humans and Minbari grew closer via the Rangers that some of them would develop relationships and that at least a few MAY be able to reproduce, wether by natural means or with medical assistence. it is true that the Minbari and Humans evolved seperatly to the level of the Vorlons, as stated by JMS, but that does not exclude the possibility of some hybrids. i think David Sheridan and other descendants of Valen and Sakai, Sheridan and Delenn, and eventually David could breed. this would be the ultimate joining of the Human and Minbari races, even if the majority stayed seperate.
anyway, these are only my thoughts. i only wished to share them.

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