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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

[NITPICK] Surely whatever the humans and Minbari have evolved into they cannot be "First Ones" as they by definition were the first races created by the universe. "Elder Races" is probably better. [/NITPICK]

The million years thing from DoFS is intriguing though.

Way back in the S1 episode "Mind War", Jason Ironheart said he would "... see you again in a million years" (ish) after he had "become" a being of light and energy.

Lyta also passed on a message (S4 somewhere IIRC) from the Vorlons that their homeworld was off-limits to us until we were ready "... a million years".

Does this mean that "New Earth" = Vorlon Homeworld? I would like to think so.

Incidentally, I don't recall ever seeing the Vorlon Homeworld given a name. Anyone know whether it was?

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