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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

There have been a ton o' posts about this subject, but Deconstruction is my favorite episode, so I love talking about it.

I have to wonder if human and Minbari societies do not eventually merge sometime between now and a million years hence. Perhaps the human Ranger we saw from a million years in the future was indeed both human and Minbari. It's all speculation, of course. Others say that the Minbari become Vorlon-like and the Humans become Shadow-like. Still others say that the Humans and Minbari guide the younger races as proper teachers like the First Ones were supposed to do. I think the latter is the case. I think that we ulitmately learn our lesson and take our place as teachers and guides of the younger races and that everyone lives hapily everafter.

BTW - The Human Ranger getting into his encounter suit has got to be my FAVORITE scent in the whole 5-year arc. Man, that's cool!

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