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Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

In Deconstruction, we saw that one million years after the defeat of the Shadows humanity has evolved into semi energy based lifeforms capable of maintaining an aparently human form and even utilizing encounter suits. it has been suggested that they had reached the level of the first ones by this time. my theory on this is that after the telepaths were re-integrated into human society after the fall of the Psi-Corps, many humans may have bred with minbari or with human minbari hybrids [i.e. David Sheridan, Delenn 2,3,(mentioned in Deconstruction) and some of the other minbari who descended from Valen, ect] thus creating a new race and expediting the evolution of both races. JMS has himself stated that the humans and minbari made it to first one status. it just a theory but what do you all think?

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