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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

I don't dislike W Morgan Shephard as an actor -- I think he was great as G'Kar's uncle in the second season -- but I have always had trouble watching him as the Soul Hunter. I think what you liked about him in particular, hyp, (listening to him), is what I disliked about him as the Soul Hunter the most. There's just something about the delievery of the lines, or maybe just the scripting of the lines themselves, that kinda makes my brain twitch. I think the trance like state the Soul Hunters got in whenever they were sensing death is one of my primary annoyances with them. They hooped it up so much they might as well had a crystal ball and had a sign on their ships, "Tuesday only special: Touch the dead, only $10 credits!"

The story, I don't have a problem with, just the execution of the story.
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