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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Personally, I didn't find "Soul Hunter" to be all that much fun. I think, perhaps, that a large part of my dislike of the episode comes from the acting performance for the Soul Hunter himself, as well as a few times Delenn's reactions felt as if they crossed the boundary into super melodrama.

I did enjoy the big CGI scene of Sinclair in the starfury trying to grapple the damaged Soul Hunter ship. The amount of motion the "camera" had as the two ships whirled around in space was wicked cool, especially compared to most of the space special effects seen in other shows before B5 came along.

And I love the introduction of Franklin. Though I know this wasn't the first episode that Rick shot for B5, it was a good one for him. The best scene in the whole episode, for me, was the scene of Franklin and Ivanova standing in C&C launching the dead body of the lurker into the sun. The music that accompanies Franklin's pensive statements about life being brief just helps make the scene take my breath away.
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