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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

I guess a lot of this depends on what exactly you mean by a "stand alone" episode.

Do you really mean an ep without connection to the larger arc?

Or ...

Do you mean an ep that can watched by someone who knows nothing of the larger arc and have them enjoy and understand (at least in their own minds, even if they are missing some wider implications) it?

The latter yields a much longer list than the former.
I used the example of convictions because I've actually heard it called a stand-alone during the b5 run. A stand-alone has little if any connection to the series arcs, and can be watched freely with little confusion from newbies.

Let's see if I can come up with a few more... (remember my definition - note: elements may pop up which introduce character elements or universe elements)

Season 1:

By Any Means Necessary

Season 2:


Season 3:

Passing through Gethsemane

Season 4: All episodes require story-arcs

Season 5:

A View from the Gallery

---There may be others, but these episodes stand as example of the definition of stand-alone (
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