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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

Also Quality of Mercy brought us the Alien Healing device that saved both Garibaldi's and Ivanova's lives.
I look at that one this way... The Quality of Mercy was the story of Dr. Laura Rosen (I think that was her name) and the killer Carl Mueller. Their story ended with that episode. The alien healing device was introduced in that episode and used twice later on. However, it was just a device.

When they did use the device later, the stories were not about the device, they were about Garibaldi, Ivanova, and Marcus and the struggles they were facing at the time. The device became just another convenient tool, albeit a special & unique one with a bit of backstory. It's kind of like it was an inanimate recurring character but never had a starring role, just like Corwin was a human recurring character, but only once was the story ever close to being about him, and that was only for one small subplot.

IMHO, I would not consider the healing device a full-fledged arc element (almost, it's borderline, but not quite there).
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