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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

What are all the stand-alone episodes in the main B5 series?... I know S3E2 - "Convictions" is a great example of a stand-alone, but are there others?
Considering the previous comments, I don't think there's a list that won't spur debate. It's true that almost all episodes have at least a smidgen of arc story, significant character development, and/or character history. However, I'll give it my best shot (seasons 1 & 2 will probably be the most off):

Season 1
Soul Hunter
The Parliament of Dreams
The War Prayer
By Any Means Necessary
The Quality of Mercy

Season 2
A Distant Star
The Long Dark
A Spider in the Web
Soul Mates
And Now For a Word
Confessions and Lamentations
Divided Loyalties

Season 3
Passing Through Gethsemane
A Late Delivery From Avalon

Season 4

Season 5
A View From the Gallery (added later; thanks Almir)
Day of the Dead
The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father

All of Season 4 is arc, either in terms of the Shadow War, the aftermath of the Shadow War, revelations about the past, Minbari civil war, Earth civil war, or a glimpse of the distant future. Season 5 comes close to being all arc also, thanks to the overlapping Telepath, Alliance, and Centauri storylines, as well as what I call the "goodbye" episodes.

My favorite stand-alone episodes are Deathwalker, Quality of Mercy, Knives, Confessions and Lamentations, and Passing Through Gethsemane. Unfortunately, several of the other stand-alones are the most dominant stinkers of the whole series.
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