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Re: Stand Alone Episodes

If you consider Convictions not to have connections to the overarching story, then there are a fair number of episodes that have a similarly low levels of connection. However, I would point out that Convictions does in fact have several connections to the bigger story.

1) We get a taste and feel for the reactions of populations back on people's home worlds to Kosh's appearance out of his encounter suit (though they don't know that that is what it was), and the attitudes toward B5 in relation to it.

2) The bomber's back-story fleshes out what conditions are back on Earth (and the rest of the EA outside the station), and in the process helps lay the ground work for Clarke getting away with imposing martial law later.

3) It is a major beat in the overall arc of the story of the Londo / G'Kar relationship (which could be thought of as a microcosm of much of the show).

4) It introduces Theo and his monks, whose presence keeps coming up periodically including in relation to the resistance to Clarke back on Earth and smuggling info out to B5.
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