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Lord of the Rings?

Ok, I know what everyone's first instinct is on this, but bear with me here! I'm trying not to open a complete can of worms. This thread isn't what you may think.

We all know there was a TON of debating going on back when B5 hit the air about how it was a ripoff or based on Lord of the Ring trilogy. (frankly having seen it all the way through, and read the books, I cant see how ANYONE could get LoTR out of season 1 and 2, but hey, thats just me) However there were some interesting parallels between the two. I just saw the Lord of the Rings movie (loved it) and the thought occured to me. Here is a brief summary of the things in noticed similar, THEN I will make my point, which is NOT to compare the two...

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black>
* There was a 'Ranger' in the Lord of the Rings Movie
* Gandolfs fall into the underworld could be similar to Sheridans leap at Z'Ha'Dum
* For that matter Khazadum, Z'Ha'Dum, sound similar
* Mordor, Mr Morden
* City of Lorien (Lorien was who Sheridan found at Z'Ha'Sum)
* References to darkness and the shadows when the fellowship was in Khazadum.
* Uniting all the races into the fellowship to face the coming darkness
* Lord of the Rings = LoTR
* Legen of the Rangers = LoTR

Ok there were a few that I saw. My question is this. I DONT see that the stories are similar. I dont think they are at all. But I do remember lots of Lord of the Rings people citing a lot of this stuff during season 1 and 2. It kind of stopped around season 3 I think, however some of the examples I listed came AFTER all that stuff kind of died down. Which brings me to my point:

Do any of you think that JMS, being fed up at all the people drawing parallels, started doing things like naming Lorien his name, just to spite, or take a shot or two at the people who were trying to compare the two stories? If he did, I think its pretty damn funny. Even the Legend of the Rangers title, after all these years, maybe he is still kind of 'sticking it to' some of the early critics who tried to compare B5 to Lord of the Rings. So you think that's a possibility or a coincidence?

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