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I realize there are 2 types of Drakh. You might call one type the "leaders" and the other type the "soldiers." The leader types seem to be dark greenish and scaly with little points in the sides of their heads. The soldiers have a whiteish head that sorta looks like a skull, with red eyes.
The Drakh we see in the Centauri palace are leader Drakh (e.g. Shiv'kala, from the Legions of Fire trilogy), not soldier Drakh. In Crusade's "War Zone" we see some soldier Drakh (as CGI firing on the first shuttle, as CGI marching toward Trace in the view through his binoculars, as CGI on the cliff side, and as live action inside the Drakh ship during the firefight, all without the shimmer effect. In Crusade's "War Zone" we also see some leader Drakh (the ship captains).

In all other episodes of Crusade (as well as "A Call to Arms") we see leader Drakh, who never displayed the shimmer effect.

Personally, I liked the shimmer effect we saw on the Drakh emissary in B5's "Lines of Communication."
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