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I've always liked to think of the Drakh as not necessarily once race, but possible several. "Drakh" as a term could be thought of, perhaps, as "shadow minions".

When Delenn questions the Drakh emmissary aboard her White Star in "Lines of Communication," she asks him, "Is 'Drakh' your name or the name of your species?". The Drakh's reply is simply (and in typical fashion after hanging around First Ones too much) "Yes."

After this episode, I figured that the Drakh must have some sort of hive mind or similar social structure at work and that they don't really have names - maybe just designations. Then, in Crusade, they start spouting off proper names (i.e. Shiv'Kala). I don't get it. Either the "soldiers" don't have names, or only the Ambassadors have names, or they all have names and the Drakh in "Lines" was just being cheeky.
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