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Re: Drakh

At least they came up with a new addition to the arsenal of ineffective weapons against bad makeup. The previous champions were:

1. The frenetic quick-cut
2. The stilted-motion video effect
3. The fabulous shaky-cam (Empire of the Ants, anyone?)

and perhaps most effective.....

4. Darkness

The funny thing is that both the Zarg and the original Drakh look very good in still photos, but when they're moving around they look terrible. So, in JMS's defense, he wouldn't really know a practical makeup job was going to suck until it came lurching out onto the set.

I would have recommended lowering the light levels on the Whitestar and giving the Drakh a much deeper hood on his cloak to obscure most of his face. Hey wait, that sounds like the Servants of The Hand!
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