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Re: Drakh

I've often wondered the same thing myself. Maybe it is just down to budget - it probably costs a fair bit of time & money to do that effect

Time and budget were a factor, but not the way you're thinking. The shifting, blurry effect was added to "Lines of Coummunications" because JMS was so unhappy with the original makeup developed for the Drakh. (He was probably haunted by memories of the Zarg from "Grey 17".) There wasn't time during production to keep trying new versions, or to reshoot the Drakh scenes, so the only way to salvage the episode was to add the blurr effect and obscure the makeup as much as possible. They kept working on the makeup thereafter to have something better ready for the Drakh's next appearance.

I don't think the later Drakh make-ups were so bad. They were, after all, supposed to be an ugly bunch, and the actors under it were not expected to do the kind of subtle emoting that Andreas and others did through the layers of Narn makeup.


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