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I realize there are 2 types of Drakh. You might call one type the "leaders" and the other type the "soldiers." The leader types seemt to be dark greenish and scaly with little points in the sides of their heads. The soldiers have a whiteish head that sorta looks like a skull, with red eyes.

My question is about the Soldier Drakh. Why is it, when you first saw them in "Lines of Communication" they had that weird, creepy, shifting effect to them, but EVERY other time you see them (in the Centauri Palace in Season 5, and in Crusade several times) they no longer have that shifty effect, and are just looking normal.

Frankly I thought they looked a lot creepier with their shifting effect. Every other time I saw them, I always thought they were the most fake looking alien in Babylon 5. Well...other than Nagrath.

Any ideas why? Was it some sort of tech that they only used once? (although that seems odd, you would think they would want to bust that out every time they could)
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