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vacantlook November 15th 06 00:33

EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
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RW7427 November 15th 06 00:52

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
Good stuff. I gave it an A. :D

aajay November 16th 06 19:24

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
Anything with the regent gets an automatic A from me.
Here is great!

Shaal Mayan December 7th 06 11:59

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
B good

Galahad December 7th 06 12:33

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
All I can think of now is E.T.

"I'll be right here!"

Elipsis April 2nd 08 06:36

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
A B+. This is where things start to pick up again. Were I saved by some terrifying looking force such as Londo was - I would be more scared than having just taken the knife in the gut.

Finally some arc getting kicked up.

Truth_Seeker April 2nd 08 19:45

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
This episode is a B for me.Byron made his biggest mistake by ordering his people to scan the ambassadors.Until that moment his decisions were good but after that everything was ruined with a single wrong sentence spoken before Council.You can't blackmail entire alien governments that you will reveal their secrets and expect cooperation from them.The only two races responsible for the condition of the telepaths were the Vorlons who created them and the humans who enslaved a part of ther own species.The other races had nothing to do with the problem.The request that Byron made was absurd.I don't think that in the B5 universe there is such a thing as a uninhabited habitable planet.If it's habitable there must be life there.Even if it's not sentient life the telepaths can't simply move there because they will interfere with the evolution on this planet.

Estelyn February 4th 11 20:34

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
Both plot elements of this episode are arc related and interesting. And both are moving toward darkness.

The Centauri Prime scenes are fascinating as usual. In this case, when the Regent says "not my decision", he's actually right, not avoiding responsibility. Suspense is kept up till we see how he is controlled at the end. Alas, one handsome, seemingly upright Centauri (Jano) shows up only to be murdered - he should have been wearing a red shirt...

G'Kar actually lightens this part of the story with humour - not only the situational comedy of his position as Londo's bodyguard, but with some good lines - including "It's bad luck to die on an empty stomach"! :rommie:

Like Delenn, I do have some sympathy for the telepaths' wish for a world of their own. It would have been a solution, and I wonder if a way could have been found. But the method Byron and his people used defeated the purpose and alienated them further. Even worse, he no longer has the others under control and reaps the fruits of his antagonistic attitude. He's portrayed the normals as enemies, and now the radical members of the group take that to what they see as a logical conclusion.

Byron withdraws his control, Sheridan withdraws his protection, and the catastrophe takes its course.

(I can't help but compare that with the political situation in a certain north African country right now. The majority wants a peaceful change, but there are always radical elements who utilize protest for their own purposes.)

Alioth September 5th 11 09:39

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

Originally Posted by Truth_Seeker (Post 317323)
I don't think that in the B5 universe there is such a thing as a uninhabited habitable planet.If it's habitable there must be life there.Even if it's not sentient life the telepaths can't simply move there because they will interfere with the evolution on this planet.

Not so sure of that--the galaxy is a big, big place, with a trillion stars which would include a few billion Sol-like ones. (The show does makes the galaxy seem like a smaller place than it is, granted, which I may cover in a thread somewhere because it's something that does nag at me a bit, being a huge astronomy afficionado.)

Spoiler for The Technomage Trilogy:

Plus, in the Technomage Trilogy we see that the Shadows did wipe out whole inhabitable planet populations, such as Soom (where Elric and Galen had made their home among a primitive race)--not in this case with planetkillers, just a bunch of the usual battlecrabs (including Anna's) which bombarded and left no survivors. If no members of the races of such planets were left alive elsewhere to resettle their home at the end of the Shadow War, such a planet might be suitable for rehabitation by the Teeps.

There was also the former Markab homeworld.

I also saw their asking for a home world as reasonable given their situation, and while I agree that the blackmail was the wrong tactic (and a gross violation of good faith assumed in their being allowed to inhabit the station), they really weren't given the time of day when they asked for it before presenting the blackmail--which to me sounded like a very reasonable proposal. Maybe he shouldn't have tricked Garibaldi by saying he'd present something else to the council, to gain the audience, but have come right out and said "we need the Alliance's help in finding a permanent place to live". Given the Alliance mission and principles this would I think have been the appropriate entity of which to make the request (and we know Delenn would have thought so too)--but Byron thought the Council would reject the idea out of hand, and it appears he may have been right.

As an aside, I'm not sure why so many here seem to dislike Byron's character (other than perhaps this particular tragic mistake he made). He and his teeps were in a pretty difficult position and I think that, humans that they were, they did pretty much the best they could, as did he--with him having the added burden of his convictions against violence stemming from what the Psi Corps made him do. He came across as somewhat arrogant, but not pathologically so. I understand as a "mundane" myself ( :) ) the fear non-teeps had of the teeps, but the teeps couldn't help what they were, only what they'd do with their gifts. And on that note, the blackmail was a dangerous mistake, but up until that point they certainly weren't exploiting their gifts for advantage over others (and for most of their lives others were exploiting them for their gifts). They largely wanted to be left alone peacefully.

Ironic how the Vorlons, those "lords of order", in their creation of telepaths, actually sowed seeds of conflict (which was probably unavoidable) within the affected races. Couldn't they have foreseen that?


(vacantlook edit: I fixed the code for the spoiler tag for you. It's easy to forget the = in the opening tag: [ spoiler=] but it is required, and no other words but "spoiler=" and whatever the spoiler is for in the tag.)

Alioth September 5th 11 10:00

Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind
On the Centauri front, knowing (on second viewing, plus having read the Centauri Trilogy) the terrible fate awaiting Londo which the poor Regent was presently enduring, I found the scene of the Regent's exhortation to Londo to "enjoy life, while you have time" and his mournful comment "I'm so sorry" (which Londo had no idea what that meant) to move me almost to tears. The Regent was a kindly old man, and (from what we saw of him before, advising Vir on his reports) probably one of the few real honest men in the Centauri court, although he was a bit flighty. Terrible to see him suffer punishment from Shiv'kala through his keeper for just hinting to Londo what was to come (and really not revealing anything to him). And Londo, after finally starting to become a better man on a path of redemption, would still be damned to the same terrible fate....

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