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Joseph DeMartino October 11th 06 17:54

Changeling News
JMS just can't catch a break. From today's Los Angeles Times

Sometimes it just sucks being a fan of his. :)



hypatia October 11th 06 18:25

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
This is why so many just don't trust news like this until the opening screening is announced.

*Sigh*. Let's hope nothing can still go wrong with "The Lost Tales".

What a huge disappointment for the Great Maker. :(

Shaal Mayan October 11th 06 18:39

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Doesn't surprise me in the least that it was postponed as for B5 TLT with JMS's track record .I am on the fence as to whether this will be made as well or canceled competley.

Jan October 11th 06 18:49

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Do we know whether this means it's shelved or whether it just means that Howard himself might not be directing? I'm not familiar enough with his company to judge. JMS never seemed sure that Howard would decide to direct it, iirc.


hypatia October 11th 06 18:50

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Direct to DVD ought to cut out a lot of potential trouble, though, don't you think?

I suspect TLT will get made, and that's great for us fans. Something like 3 hours of entertainment.

But the movie would be a huge financial triumph for JMS.

It's a good thing he's learned to be "Zen-like" about it. Otherwise, he'd be dead by now. :o

Jan October 11th 06 18:55

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
He's had plenty of practice, I think. As I recall, he's written a number of other feature scripts, including, of course, the Rising Stars screenplay.


Sindatur October 11th 06 19:07

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Ron Howard actually paid for the script, right? Meaning he has an intention to make it at some point? So, logic would dictate it just needs to be fit into his schedule or he would re-sell it?

Jan October 12th 06 02:06

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
JMS's response to a post on the Moderated Newsgroup:


Just to clarify before the wrong impression gets out there....the
project has not been back burnered. First, Imagine owns the script,
they bought it, they want it, they want to see it made, so does
Universal. When Ron decided to go with the Frost/Nixon thing first,
one option would have been to hold onto Changeling until he was free to
direct it. But with the Forst/Nixon thing going first, Changeling
couldn't be shot until 2007...so Ron is going to produce, with Imagine,
and they're going to get another a-list director to come on board and
shoot this thing asap. The only thing that got back-burnered was Ron,
Imagine still wants to make this, and Ron has been gracious enough to
allow another director in, but still produce it, so it can get filmed
this year.

The draft is now ready to go, there are five a-list directors who have
said they want to come on, it's been budgeted, and the president of
Imagine called today *specifically* to say that they want to put this
thing into high gear now that Ron's made up his mind. They'd like to
see this thing going before the cameras by Spring.


Like I said...


hypatia October 12th 06 02:39

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Ah, a rumor laid to rest today. :lol:

Alright: we fans have gotten jumpy. ;)

That's fantastic news, thanks for sharing it, Jan. :beer:

GaribaldisHair October 12th 06 08:44

Re: \"Changeling\" derailed or at least postponed
Yeah ... in spite of the meeting between JMS and RH a couple months ago, I don't remember it ever being specifically stated that Howard was definitely going to do this, just that he was interested and was considering it as possibly his next project.

Now that he has considered and decided to do something else (but still wants to be involved as Producer - is Imagine his company?) it leaves the movie for someone else to direct.

As JMS said right at the start, Imagine bought the script outright ... they didn't option it. It seems unlikely that having done that, they would decide to shelve it just because Howard himself has decided not to direct it.

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