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Lennier's Tears February 18th 15 01:51

Re: EpDis: The Long Night
There's also a conversation between Marcus and Franklin in "A Late Delivery From Avalon", where Franklin asks Marcus about the ranger pin, and Marcus says the Minbari call the jewel in the center "iszil z'ah" or "the future" so clearly JMS has been consistent with that :)

In "Grey 17 is Missing", when Neroon is about to smash in Marcus' head, Marcus says what sounds like "Iszil z'ha senti". This is from memory (well, I watched it last week), and Google isn't confirming, so I'm not sure .. But it definitely wasn't "veni" that time.

I'm just really curious if either of these have an actual meaning, or just more of a general meaning, or maybe they just sounded cool :p

Jan February 18th 15 08:05

Re: EpDis: The Long Night
In Grey 17 Marcus says, "We live for the One...we die for the One...isil-zha, sendi...in Valen's name."

Just for fun I put the words into Google Translate and let it detect the language:

Sendi='send' in Esperanto
Veni = 'come' in Romanian
Isil'zha doesn't tranlsate

I found this post from JMS:

Zha is the usual reference for the future, whose meaning changes
depending on whether it's a suffix or a prefix, and what it's up
against. Isil-zha usually means change, changing the future, coming of
a new age; entil-zha is the one who creates or guides the forces
creating the future; and z'ha'dum (with the broken zha) is the death of
the future, or the dark future.

Lennier's Tears February 18th 15 17:56

Re: EpDis: The Long Night
Ah yes, of course "sendi" with a d, not "senti". Sounds much nicer! Too bad the meaning must remain a mystery.

I guess I've been spelling all my "zha"s like the broken ones in Z'ha'Dum, but that's clearly wrong based on that quote from JMS.

That must also mean that everyone is using the Minbari name for that planet. Interesting!

Springer March 4th 15 18:35

Re: EpDis: The Long Night
Having seen these episodes so many times, you start to notice the little things after your umpteenth viewing.

Those Narn fireworks seem pretty heavy duty, like incendiary devices going off right outside the window!

The Shadow planet killer missiles burrow down "10 miles, 20 miles, nearly to the core of the planet" - how small is this planet!? Mini-planets aside, the Shadow planet killers are pretty terrifying. I believe Harlan Ellison came up with the idea for them.

For some reason we can hear the sounds of the space battle on the audio recording at the end.

The structure of this episode is interesting. The first half focuses mostly on the Centauri plot, leading up to the death of Cartagia. The second half is the Ericsson plot. It makes the episode feel a little uneven. Still good stuff though. Poor Vir.

Love the reading of Tennyson at the end.

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