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vacantlook January 28th 06 00:00

EpDis: Walkabout
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Springer January 30th 06 11:29

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
A fairly solid episode. Franklin's story isn't that enthralling but isn't as bad as some people make out, and this episode has got enough Vorlons, Shadows, space battles, Garibaldi-G'Kar scenes and swedish meatballs to keep me happy. I'd rate it a B.

KoshN January 31st 06 02:34

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
I enjoyed it more than that, and seeing as it was my intro. to B5, and what hooked me to coming back to see all the rest (including all of the movies, novels, short stories, comics and Crusade), I give it an A.

"Lyta: They killed him. They tore him apart. ... Burn, you bastard!"

:cool: :D

Mike G January 31st 06 04:32

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
Solid episode. I usually don't like single episode romances, but I have to say this one was really great.

Best moment: Franklin walking out of the bar, and the camera going to the view of him through the glass.

GKarsEye January 31st 06 13:49

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
This episode is great and nicely done emotionally. My one criticism is that too much time is spent showing the singer singing.

vacantlook January 31st 06 14:47

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
I was very excited when I recently finally watched the first season of Veroncia Mars and saw that the woman who played the singer/Franklin-love interest in this episode is Wallace's mother on VM.


(BTW, Veronica Mars is such a good show it's crazy!)

Alluveal January 31st 06 22:50

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
I loved Franklin's story arc.

Changed this post a bit, realized I was talking about enother episde. That said, I still liked to see this side of Franklin.

GKarsEye February 1st 06 15:26

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
Well I liked it- contrasting a large scale struggle with an individual one.

Elipsis October 29th 07 16:13

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
Any time there is an episode with Steven talking to females it hurts me. He's so awkward and cheesy just about every time. I need to believe that he was deliberately written that way - his social skills less than optimum due to his myopic view of his life as a doctor.

I gave this a B-, averaging out a C story and a B+ story. Why not a C+?

Ulkesh is why.

Estelyn September 19th 10 20:37

Re: EpDis: Walkabout
Well, I think the best shot in the episode came right at the beginning - Sheridan outside, with the new Vorlon's ship coming right up to him. What a moment! Knowing what we do about the part of Kosh that resides in him, I can't help but wonder if his going outside was on purpose, being led there, rather than mere coincidence. However, the new ambassador doesn't appear to recognize his colleague's presence.

It's scary to see him attacking Lyta. His whole appearance is more angular, darker and more sinister, it seems. And of course there's a memorable quote: "We are all Kosh."

The universal mystery of Swedish meatballs was an amusing dialogue!

I enjoyed the singer's great voice - and was surprised to read that the actress did the singing herself. That's not always the case in TV/movies. She works as a love interest for Franklin - at least it's easy to understand why he's fascinated.

As to the walkabout idea, I rather like it. It seems like a good way for the doc to get back on his feet (literally!) without leaving the station.

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