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vacantlook November 2nd 05 06:11

EpDis: Exogenesis
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RW7427 November 2nd 05 07:05

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Very poor ep in my opinion.

Jade Jaguar November 2nd 05 07:21

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Certainly not great, considering JMS's best, but I don't think it "very poor." True, the Vindrizi part of the plot is pretty standard scifi fare, but with just enough differences to make it a bit more interesting. The Ivanova/Corwin story is amusing. There are enough arc elements to add some interest. I gave it a B, but couldn't argue with a C.

GaribaldisHair November 2nd 05 10:03

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Yeah, C from me. I like the idea that the ep was setup as a typical "alien parasite" story, but with a big twist .. i.e. the host actually benefitted from the "relationship" rather than being harmed by it.

The Brit actor who played Duncan chewed far too much scenery for my liking, but that's what you generally get when you go for an old English (non-RSC) stage actor. The first chance to see Marcus and Steven working together was also worthwhile, but ultimately the whole thing just seemed pretty flat .. especially once Messages from Earth had followed it a week later.

Sad to say that Exogenesis is one I often skip over when re-watching s3. OK, but nothing remarkable about it whatsoever.

Shaal Mayan November 2nd 05 13:14

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
It does have a little arc of the overall story there but the story involving the alien parasite takeover whatever just seemed like it had been done before and was boring .C from me .Ivanova/Corwin scences are wht saved this one from getting anylower in the rating scale.

GKarsEye November 2nd 05 15:30

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Objectively mediocre but I rather enjoy it. Other than his intro in the very beginning of the season, it's really the first time we see Marcus in action, IIRC.

And yeah, I liked the old man. I guess I'm just a sucker for British scenery chewing.

Stanley November 2nd 05 17:23

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
I gave it a B. I like the Vindrizi story, especially the scene where they reveal their identity. The Ivanova-Corwin story is funny, if totally unbelievable. (Doesn't EarthForce have a policy against fraternization?)

KoshFan November 2nd 05 20:51

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Some funny Ivanova-Corwin moments, but better by far are the interactions between Marcus and Steven...

"If we can get one of them to leave the room, there's only one left."
"Where I come from, one from three leaves two."
"Where I come from is a far more interesting place."

aajay November 3rd 05 15:58

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Slightly below average for B5. I do like the Corwin/Ivanova scenes. I wish Corwin had been given more throughout the series.
The parasite story was only OK.

Elipsis September 20th 07 11:27

Re: EpDis: Exogenesis
Pretty average. Nice to see some love to Corwin... he's wonderfully awkward, reminds me of some friends of mine.

Props to JMS for the twist... yes these pod people actually asked for this, yes it's of their own free will, yes it makes their life better. Kind of funny to see the centipede parasites turn out to be good guys.

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