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vacantlook September 13th 05 11:30

EpDis: Matters Of Honor
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macmaccaman September 13th 05 12:29

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
Yeah its good this one. Thought we were in store for something brilliant with the ending: Mordon, Earth and Psi Corps. And so begins the best season of B5 in my opinion... but I still woulda liked to see more Earth in this series after what we got at the end of this episode.

darth_librarian September 13th 05 12:39

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
Worth it for the Whitestar alone. I watched this three times in a row after it was first broadcast on VHS...

RW7427 September 13th 05 12:54

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
Good stuff. Gave it an A. ;)

KoshFan September 13th 05 14:52

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
A pretty solid season opener. Not brilliant, but with a shiny new toy, a cool new character, a fun action sequence -- plus a Shadow ship getting trashed and good dialogue. ("I never get involved in my own life. It's too complicated.")

A very high B from me. Possibly an A.

Shaal Mayan September 13th 05 15:07

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
B the whitestar makes it's first appearance and Morden and the ties to earth and the Psi Corps comes out here as well.

Elenopa September 13th 05 18:15

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
The entry of Marcus. What more can I say? ;)

macmaccaman September 13th 05 18:43

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
I thought "Oh no, Aragorn, Rangers... bleh" all that stuff when I first saw him. It took me a few more episodes to appreciate him, and then a certain cargo ship song to set him up to be one of the best characters full stop.
If only they knew ivanova wouldn't come back... we coulda had more Marcus on screen. But thats another story for another time.

Mike G September 14th 05 01:00

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
I ment to vote A, but I accidently voted C. Oops.

KoshN September 14th 05 21:18

Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor
This is when I wish we had something between A and B. Gave it a B.

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