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SkeleTony July 3rd 11 03:12

Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor
When I first saw this episode(back when it originally aired on TV) I thought it was ingenious. Watching it just days ago I still found it to be very good, but not one of the best. Nothing really wrong with it(acting was very good, script was fine, etc.) but now I cannot escape feeling that this was a leftover Star Trek script from the 1960s show or something. Also I keep thinking why would the Vorlons take Jack the Ripper for this job and ignore Mengele, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc.? The only reason I can come up with is the mythological power of Jack the Ripper over more modern psychopaths. Which is not a bad thing necessarily but still...

I give it a B+.

vacantlook July 3rd 11 14:13

Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor
If I remember correctly, jms had a particular personal investigatory interest in Jack The Ripper, so that's probably why he specifically was used for the story.

Lennier's Tears February 2nd 15 00:16

Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor
Wow, this episode thread is pretty long! Over the years I've gone from REALLY liking this episode, to having some issues with it, to liking it again. When I watched it last night, I liked it a lot.

What I like most about it is the aesthetics. I love the late 19th century suit with the hat and the cane. It works well in this episode. The lighting is great too. Wayne Alexander looks creepy in that harsh light. He does a fantastic job.

Aside from the main storyline, I really like the scene in the elevator with G'Kar and Vir. G'Kar is of course an amazing character, but over the years I've really come to appreciate Vir. He so genuinely cares but is unable to do anything about it. For now.

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