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vacantlook August 22nd 05 14:30

EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
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Oatley1 August 22nd 05 15:40

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Ah, yes - The Long, Twilight Struggle. After 'The Coming Of Shadows', my second favourite Season 2 episode. It's the sense of helpless foreboding that surrounds this episode that really makes it for me - you just know it's going to end badly. The Shadows really begin to come to the fore, prefiguring their central role in Season 3.

And Londo starting to sense that he really doesn't have the backbone to see his decisions all the way through, but feeling that he can't get off the treadmill.

Simply awesome.

Shaal Mayan August 22nd 05 16:09

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
A truly superb episode.

vacantlook August 22nd 05 16:23

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Oh, I sure agree; I think this is a very excellent episode. There's just so much heavy stuff in it for both Londo and G'Kar. Very impressive.

(One rather unimportant peeve of mine though is that I wish the revelation of the Rangers to Sheridan at the end had had more Rangers in Ranger uniform though. :p )

RW7427 August 22nd 05 20:17

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Definetly an A episode! :cool:

Jade Jaguar August 23rd 05 01:30

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
I'm being stingy with my A's, but this one gets one. Very powerful. The shot of Londo watching the bombardment of Narn is one of the best in the series.

Enlightened_GKar August 23rd 05 02:58

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
A all the way.

The Narn-Centauri plot is so striking that even the plot regarding the great machine on Epsilon III seems unimportant. The shouting match where Londo demands that G'Kar stand down from the advisory council is pure gold, especially with G'Kar's unforgettable rebuttal.

This is one of the most quotable episodes of the entire series.

And I admit, I am a fan of Londo's exchange with Lord Refa concerning the bombardment of Narn:

" (Londo in horror) Mass drivers?! They have been outlawed by every civilized planet."
" (Refa, unphased) These are uncivilized times."
"We have treaties!"
"Ink on a page!"

hypatia August 23rd 05 06:35

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Yes. This is an episode that screams "there is no turning back now". Call it fate or call it the momentum of events, it really feels, for some reason, as if everything before has been prelude, and this is where "it" really begins.

RW7427 August 23rd 05 07:33

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
Yeah, hyp's right. With the Shadows helping the Centauri and the Narn homeworld falling, you begin to get a sense of foreboding, like this is the point where things begin to go badly for everyone, not just the Narns.

Springer August 23rd 05 10:37

Re: EpDis: The Long, Twilight Struggle
This is a brilliant episode. I love the battles between the Narn and the Shadows, Londo watching the Centauri pummel the Narn homeworld, and Londo and G'Kar's confrontation in the council chambers afterwords. Fabulous stuff.

The riot in the Zocalo is rather comical though, and the extras brought in to play the Rangers in the final scene don't really look the type to be highly trained, spiritual warriors preparing for the war against the Shadows, but that's just a minor quibble.

One thing that had always puzzled me though. The great 'Forbidden Planet'-esque chambers in Epsilon 3 seem to have had a makeover since season 1. Are we to assume that Draal redecorated, of did the SFX people forget what it looked like? I much preferred the season 1 look. Also, its gone from being five miles below the surface to just three miles.

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