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vacantlook July 11th 05 21:34

EpDis: And Now For A Word
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Jade Jaguar July 11th 05 23:33

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
I'll admit that this is one of my least liked eps. I find it contrived, predictable and boring. I gave it a C. I don't rate any eps as a "D" or lower.

deaded July 12th 05 02:30

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
I did give it a D. I really don't like this one and rarely re-watch it. It could easily be removed from the lineup.

RW7427 July 12th 05 06:00

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word

It's not great, but entertaining. That Cynthia chick is kinda dumb, and that one senator dude that she talks to is even more dumb. :rolleyes:

Plus they show that Eduardo Delvientos and I hate him! :mad:

Other than that, it's not a bad ep. :lol:

vacantlook July 12th 05 06:29

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
Why do you hate Eduardo?

RW7427 July 12th 05 06:30

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
Cause he's annoying!

Chilli July 12th 05 10:00

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
I hated it on first viewing.
I like it more and more every time I watch it .. doesn't do a bad job at all at showing the story from a different perspective.

Springer July 12th 05 14:49

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
I like this episode. Its a bit different, provides a fresh perspective to what's happening on the show, and is a great episode to show to newcomers to B5 so they can catch up on what's going on.

And it is loads better than The Illusion of Truth. Sheridan was so gullible in that episode, he was out of character, and some of the dialogue was so contrived so that they could edit it to make it sound as though Sheridan and Delenn were trying to conquer the galaxy. At least in And Now For a Word, everyone is pretty much in character and the dialogue is pretty spot on.

Oh, and the Psi Corps advert is class.

Sindatur July 12th 05 14:53

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
I gave it a B. I enjoy the "News" episodes, and the way they spin everything. It really drives homewhat today's news is like, and the later ones show you what news will be like when it's state controlled.

GKarsEye July 12th 05 15:52

Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word
Yeah, I'm gonna have to give this one an A, and I certainly will for Illusion of Truth. I also love the episode about the union workers and A View From the Gallery- all of these shows remind us that Babylon 5 isn't all messiahs and devils and mystical ultra-powerful Men of Destiny.

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