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Galahad June 29th 05 09:20

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
I found it highly amusing that you have both Bill and Ted's history teacher and Socrates in the same episode of B5.

Elric July 4th 05 12:52

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
A very good ep, but ot quite an A. Lots of intrigue - it really moves the earth story along and we start to see what Sheridan has got involved in. It gave us a bit of insight into the Vorlon ship too :)

B5_Obsessed July 4th 05 17:43

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
I like the conspiracy premise and I get such a kick out of Richard Moll's face when he gets busted (he was in WAYYY over his head). I don't even mind the not-so-subtle lifting of dialogue from Close Encounters about the ship singing to him.

Gave it a "good".

Springer July 5th 05 13:24

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
It was ok, but seemed to be lacking something. Garibaldi's trip into Down Below was fun, and the Vorlon stuff was interesting, but otherwise I find it hard to get terribly excited about this one. And the guy who plays the Earthforce special agent who's come to find the Doctor puts in a terrible performance. I give it a C.

vacantlook July 6th 05 02:00

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey

And the guy who plays the Earthforce special agent who's come to find the Doctor puts in a terrible performance.

My problem with him is part performance, part writing.

I so agree. Especially the big climatic scene. There he is, the tech says that Kosh's ship is ready to leave, and Sheridan tells the tech to tell Kosh's ship to stand by. And then they do their big ass whole-station scan and find nothing. Then either Sheridan or Ivanova tells the tech to go ahead and let Kosh's ship launch, and Kosh's ship goes on, gets near the jumpgate, the tech updates C&C that the ship is preparing to jump, and the agent just goes off. "I was NOT informed of a launch!" The way he says it makes me roll my eyes it's just so overdone. And it's like, why don't you know about the launch, were you not freaking paying attention to what the people around you were doing right in front of your eyes the past couple of minutes? No wonder you can't find the doctor!

Estelyn August 24th 10 15:35

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
Yes, this episode does consist of lots of little things that add up to make it good. The building up of clues concerning the story arc makes it interesting to watch within the context of the whole show. One more detail that hasn't been mentioned so far was Sheridan's comment on the Vorlon ship at the beginning of the episode - saying that their technology is 1000 years ahead of Earth's. Those references to thousand year time cycles come up every once in awhile and are explained/exploited more later on.

Alioth May 31st 12 04:02

Re: EpDis: Hunter, Prey
I love how Sheridan chastises the agent at the end for putting his security forces on a "wild goose chase", while having Ivanova submit the agent a report with recommendations for other "goose chases" he can go on. Very well played.

And was anyone surprised, on first watch, that Kosh even got involved in hiding this fugitive doctor? Didn't seem too characteristic of the Kosh we'd seen up to this point, "getting involved in the affairs of younger races", lol (which we later know they did, big time--and of course, casting doubt on Clark's legitimacy would be key to giving Sheridan a reason and an opening for breaking away from EarthForce, which was most certainly part of the Vorlons' plans for him). We're glad he did that of course, though.

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