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Chilli June 23rd 05 23:32

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night
Have to give it a B I think, just for Sheridan's "What could go wrong?" before heading out on a mission he was not supposed to head out on .. hello? You're on a TV show? :rolleyes: .. *NEVER* say "what could go wrong" :rolleyes:

Damn though .. even the episodes of Season 2 that I wouldn't count to my favorites just seem great in retrospective though. I've been forgetting why I devoted myself to B5 like I did lately.

RW7427 June 23rd 05 23:47

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night

hello? You're on a TV show? .. *NEVER* say "what could go wrong"

Indeed. I have similar thoughts every time I watch that part. ;)

Estelyn August 23rd 10 21:22

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night
I too went "d'oh!" at the "What could go wrong" line - that was almost *too* obvious a clue! The abduction and fights with others on an alien ship seems a bit Trek-y, including the comment wondering if it was for their entertainment. I did like Sheridan's line: "The first obligation of a prisoner is to escape." That reminds me strongly of Tolkien's passionate argument for "escapist" literature in his essay "On Fairy-Stories".

The Delenn story arc is very interesting and important at this point, as is Lennier's loyalty to her. There's also the conflict with Neroon, that continues to escalate.

There's a very thoughtful moment near the end, where Sheridan asks, "Why am I still alive and he's not?" That is the classic dilemma facing survivors, an element of guilt that haunts them.

Kosh's repeated "always been here" lines add to the general feeling of mystery and building tension.

JoeD80 August 24th 10 21:42

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night
Part of something that Joe said early on was that he wanted good sci-fi *and* good television, which includes building on those television cliches I think. Since a plot was going to unfold there anyway, why not point to it with flashing neon.

Looney July 13th 18 21:57

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night
Okay so I just watched it for the I don't know how many-ith time. I think it is an A episode that could have been A+ with a little more of everything. :lol:

So here is what I have to say about Sheridan in the Psi Cop uniform.

1.) His being in the Psi Cop uniform might have to do with how much you choose to believe Kosh was guiding the vision; a warning to be wary of the Corps.

2.) As we learn at the end of the episode Sheridan already suspects the Psi Corps are behind Clark, so his subconscious is visualizing that he is, by being a member of Earth Force, working for the Psi Corps.

There are my two explanations for the Psi Cop uniform.

So beyond that I feel the only thing lacking is not enough of everything. I agree that the ship interior looks cheap, but what can you do. I wish we had more Hague and that time seemed to be spaced out a little more. I mean that it seemed a little too rushed how quickly they found Sheridan and that it seemed his captivity was too brief. I also wish Ta'Lon had become a recurring character then, but how great is it that there is a huge story that explains why he disappears and later reappears. And everything else is great. :thumbsup:

KoshFan July 14th 18 04:54

Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night
A fine episode. While there could have been more Hague, yes, I love the final scene -- it's such a surprise since it doesn't fit the tone of the rest of the ep.

And the dream is pretty nifty even if it doesn't actually mean much of anything, other than "Kosh is watching you."

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