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GKarsEye May 5th 05 21:51

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
Yes, you're right. The one thing that bothered me about #1 and Franklin is that she seemed like a woman who needed WAY more man than a pussy little doctor. The only B5 dude who could handle her is the mighty G'Kar.

Coincidentally, the only B5TV member who could handle would, of course, be the mighty GKarsEye.

We rool.

deaded May 6th 05 06:35

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark

...she seemed like a woman who needed WAY more man than a pussy little doctor.

ehHEM!!! :mad:

RMcD May 6th 05 09:00

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
I want to know.. what happened to the Soldier's body? Is it still invisible and rotting in Down Below? Doesn't it smell? Do people walk into it? I wish JMS would just finish off his stories properly sometimes.. :)

Chilli August 23rd 07 23:56

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
Saved by Dwight Schultz. Aside from him, it's probably the most B horror movie B5 ever felt for me.

Elipsis August 26th 07 23:00

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark

Originally Posted by RW7427 (Post 210417)
I gave it a C because it's kinda boring and really doesn't have a whole lot to do with the rest of season 2.

I did this well. I would've given it a B- had I been presented with some sort of implementation of this big scary monster that was capable of more than A BOOT TO THE FACE.

maneth August 27th 07 12:43

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
I liked this episode when it first aired because I had a huge crush on Rick Biggs. On second and third viewings it's not quite so good, but still okay. I liked the character-driven episodes in general, and this is one of the better ones. I always felt sorry for Franklin in that he never seemed to get a relationship to work. That said, the same thing is valid for most of the rest of the characters too.

Cell December 6th 08 13:04

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark

G'Kar February 7th 09 01:41

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
Just watched this episode a couple of hours ago. I'll give it a low B just because I like how we get more out of Franklin's character, but nothing else really gets going with this episode.

vacantlook February 7th 09 03:06

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
It does help to make Z'ha'dum and the big mysterious (still at this point) enemy more spooky. It ends with a kind of "something's out there" vibe. I like that kind of spookiness. Some of the acting could've been polished better though.

Estelyn May 27th 10 21:26

Re: EpDis: The Long Dark
I'm not grading episodes, but this one would get a medium mark from me if I were. The main plot is fairly interesting, but layering the love interest onto it spoiled it for me. That is highly unprofessional behaviour for a doctor and as much as the widow needs comfort, I can't imagine her falling in love so quickly either. (Quite frankly, I, a female of the species, do not find Dr. Franklin attractive, so I guess that colours my view. Others see him differently, I know.)

I realize how much the music influences the viewers' perception of what was going on in this episode. We only had to listen to it, appropriately spooky, to realize that something was going on, though we couldn't see it. Then it turned romantic when there were scenes between the doctor and Mariah.

I agree with the previous posters who praise Dwight Schultz' acting - he's terrific in this role. I've always enjoyed him, and he plays sane mad men extremely well.

Best line of the show was spoken by G'Kar: "The future isn't what it used to be." I love that! It makes me think of the changes in science fiction over the years - the way we see the future isn't the same as it used to be.

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