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vacantlook April 25th 11 05:31

Re: EpDis: Revelations
Maybe the chrysalis goo is the best shampoo evah!

Sindatur April 25th 11 16:25

Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by vacantlook (Post 369699)

Originally Posted by Sindatur (Post 369696)
Delenn's pretty bright, I think Ivanova fixing her hair for her the one time, showed her how to work with it, as you say, she had no clue up to that point, once she had a clue, she could easily enough figure out from there, with trial and error.

What Bab5nutz is talking about is Delenn's hair here in the episode "Revelations", probably particularly the scene in the Captain's office when she pulls the hood off to reveal her new mostly human look complete with very well done hair, which takes place before the episode in which Ivanova shows Delenn how to do her hair. With Delenn's hair here, how did it get to looking so good since we see in the later episode when Ivanova shows her how to do her hair that at this point here in "Revelations" Delenn doesn't yet know.

Ah, my bad, it just hadn't had time to get damaged yet, then, I assume

Alioth May 12th 12 06:22

Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by Estelyn (Post 361906)
We are kept in some suspense as to the result of Delenn's transformation - the crusty skin structure at first, her fearfulness. However, the result is stunning!

Although I didn't catch this when I first watched this episode on DVD, I note that the opening credit sequence for S2 included Delenn with her new look--so if you're one to pay attention to these, the "suspense" would be spoiled. Not to mention that her picture is also on the cover of the DVD case (at least the version I have).

Of course, there was still enough suspense about the changes the chrysalis would yield, between the end of S1 and the beginning of S2, for those who viewed the show at the time it was aired (which I did not). And even if you knew what Delenn would look like from watching those opener credits of the first S2 episode, there's still a lot of curiosity and suspense as to what those changes will imply, what they mean--which of course ties in with the whole sweep of the series arc.

vacantlook May 12th 12 17:01

Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by Alioth (Post 396952)
Although I didn't catch this when I first watched this episode on DVD, I note that the opening credit sequence for S2 included Delenn with her new look--so if you're one to pay attention to these, the "suspense" would be spoiled. Not to mention that her picture is also on the cover of the DVD case (at least the version I have).

Yeah, that's a DVD thing. If I remember correctly, in the original TV broadcast, the shots of Delenn in the S2 opening credits didn't update to have her new appearance until the episode after she revealed her new appearance. For the couple of episodes prior to the reveal, in the original TV broadcast, the credits used a shot of full-Minbari style Delenn. When they updated the show from it's original 4:3 broadcast ratio to the widescreen ratio for reruns on the Sci Fi Channel and the DVDs, they sadly only did the latter version of the credits instead of using both.

Jade Jaguar May 14th 12 07:01

Re: EpDis: Revelations
VL, you remember correctly.

Lennier's Tears December 23rd 15 02:20

Re: EpDis: Revelations
Ooh, I should have checked this thread before I posted in the one for "Points of Departure". I didn't realize the discussion about the opening credits was in this thread, so I posted about it in the other one. Ah well. At least I have confirmation now that the opening credits used to be different and less spoilery! It bothers me immensely that there is a huge spoiler in the opening credits, although I guess it would be hard to avoid seeing pictures of post-Chrysalis Delenn .. like the one on the DVD box :-|

I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems overly interested in character hairstyles. I have also commented on Sheridan's bad hair at the end of season 3 :p Like Estelyn, I prefer the look of Delenn's hair in this episode over her look in all other episodes. Maybe the bangs they gave her later have more to do with makeup than with the character's hairstyle preference. I also have wondered who did her hair after she came out of the cocoon.. I mean that is really nice hair! This is a person who's never had hair in her life and who suddenly grew several years' worth of it. If I suddenly woke up with that much hair, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to style it that nicely :p


As for the actual episode, I like it a lot. Unlike everyone else here, I don't have a problem with Sheridan's sister, although the dead wife/friend conversation does go on for rather a long time. It doesn't really bother me that she appears once and is barely mentioned again. It makes sense for her to visit now that her brother is stationed somewhere she can travel to. It bothers me more that Sheridan's mother is NEVER seen (except in vision/memory). Every time he calls home, it's his dad that answers because mom is off somewhere else. It gets a little weird by the end of season 4. But, that's nothing to do with this episode :p

Mainly, I like the slow creepy buildup that's going on. Something really ominous is building and only G'Kar is catching on.

As for Delenn's transformation, I understand that this is a thing that was considered necessary for [spoilers for later storylines in the rest of this paragraph .. do not read on if you are watching for the first time ... incidentally isn't there a BB spoiler code activated on this board?] her later relationship with Sheridan, but I think it works quite well inside the story arc as well, with the whole prophecy thing, and later the Sinclair/Valen thing.

Stuff and things:
  • Mordon uses the expression "Beyond a shadow of a doubt". Heh.
  • Lou Welch! I love that character :D In the scene where he's pushing Jack against the wall, you can see that his link is on his glove. Interesting. I seem to remember something about the links bonding to your skin... Am I misremembering that?
  • Sheridan's first act of self-sacrifice. In this case for Garibaldi, who is a stranger at the time.
  • "Weep for the future, Na'Toth. Weep for us all" I like to randomly quote that line.
  • "After a thousand years, the darkness has come again!" Very ominous, that.
  • When Garibaldi wakes up and is being questioned in medlab, we see Jack in the background, putting his hand on his PPG. What exactly was he going to do if Garibaldi remembered anything? Shoot everyone? That would be pretty hard to cover up, no?

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