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B5_Obsessed January 18th 05 09:44

Re: EpDis: Eyes
Ahhh, the battle of the hams. Sinclair grits his teeth, "I FOUGHT ON THE LINE! Ben-Zayne adjusts his softball sized testicles and throbs out "I GOT THIS SCAAAAAR IN BATTLE!" Then there's little Harriman Grey caught in the middle. "YOU MAKE ME SICK!"

O'Hare played in "A Few Good Men" onstage, and it shows here. It's a good one.

aajay January 18th 05 11:00

Re: EpDis: Eyes
Not one of my favorite episodes. It is only OK, IMHO.
I did like the motorcycle bit. JMS is great at throwing in some "comedy relief".

B5obsessive January 21st 05 14:25

Re: EpDis: Eyes
absolutely LOVE this ep, mainly cos i'm a major Ivanova fan.For some weird reason I laugh my head off all the way through every time. As is mentioned in the "Voices" novel, when Susan's eyebrows shoot up RUN FOR COVER! :D I think we are all very clear that poking around in the Lieutenant's head is a VERY bad idea!! On a more serious note, the dream scene was well done, and we are subtly shown that Susan can also chuck back the vodkas when under pressure, as is brought out in S4's "The Hour of the Wolf".

GKarsEye January 21st 05 14:44

Re: EpDis: Eyes
One of my B5 fantasies is a drinking binge with Ivanova. Then we would get into a bar fight with some Drazis and take Talia home.

RW7427 January 21st 05 21:10

Re: EpDis: Eyes
Can you spell NC-17? :p

KoshFan January 21st 05 23:57

Re: EpDis: Eyes
Sure I can. I spell it g, k, e.

Shaal Mayan February 2nd 05 17:08

Re: EpDis: Eyes
I gave this one a B good cause I just the character of Harriman and Ben Zahn the thing that made me put it down a notch is the motor bike thing.Definately boring at least for me.

Cell August 31st 08 16:22

Re: EpDis: Eyes

maneth September 1st 08 04:05

Re: EpDis: Eyes

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar (Post 184246)
Do you think his middle initial is N?

Nope. :p His full name is Ari Ben Zayne, and I'm guessing he has Jewish ancestry because of the Ben (son of).

I like the ep, there are some quite brilliant performances. I love it when a character goes so spectacularly crazy.

Jade Jaguar September 1st 08 14:42

Re: EpDis: Eyes
He's still N. Zayne to me... :p

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