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hypatia October 21st 15 02:50

Re: EpDis: Believers

I do think that the situation becomes a lot more complex when it involves aliens. Not just because of issues of jurisdiction, but also because there are so many alien species and in a case like this, there's probably not one person on Earth who knows anything useful about that particular species. You'd have to figure out first if this is in fact a religious issue, or if there is an actual physiological reason to avoid major surgery. It could be both, where a real issue has grown into some kind of religious taboo. You'd think, though, that if there were any scientific proof, the parents would have lead with that instead of this "soul" business.
I think you hit the nail on the head with the alien point. Babylon 5 is a lot easier to reach than Earth, and Babylon 5 always had to work to make itself, as much as possible, to be a place where all could come and have their rights respected. And the station couldn't really have survived as it was without assuring all races that they could basically be trusted not to "molest" their guests as an official force (yea, muggings happen but not endorsed by the administration).

I can see the doctor's side and the commander's side. That's what made so much of B5 so great, it was painfully similar to reality. :)

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