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StarForBram November 27th 04 07:42

Re: EpDis: Believers
Easily the worst B5 episode IMO.

RMcD November 27th 04 09:52

Re: EpDis: Believers
I'm surprised by the mixed response to Believers.. I've always considered it a minor classic, at least in the context of Season 1.

Ninja_Squirrel November 27th 04 11:36

Re: EpDis: Believers

Easily the worst B5 episode IMO.

I agree. This one and Soul Hunter tie as my least favorite of the series. I still give both a D-. Rick Biggs' performance in Believers is the only thing that saves this episode from an F in my gradebook.

GKarsEye November 27th 04 20:10

Re: EpDis: Believers
I can't believe that in a series with TKO, a plot that is ultimately pointless and has nothing to do with anything, people can call this the worst episode.

I gave it an 'A'


The premise that they can't be cut into is IMO ridiculous!!

Yes, it is
and the fact that it's a real phenomenon makes it a poignant episode.

Jade Jaguar November 27th 04 20:54

Re: EpDis: Believers
While I agree with your well-made point about Believers, I want to stick up for TKO, which I think is overly maligned. I enjoyed the ep, and its point is clearly that humans often do not respect aliens, nor their traditions, and are disrespected in turn for it. This point, racism, may be more often visited than the point made in Believers, but it is at least as important.

Sindatur November 28th 04 09:31

Re: EpDis: Believers
On a first airing of the episode, and considering the premise, it's an excellent episode, IMHO, however, it doesn't bear repetititive viewing in my opion. Definitely it showed this was not a Star Trek clone.

Regading TKO, the B story was very good, and developed Ivanova very nicely.

RMcD November 29th 04 07:37

Re: EpDis: Believers

People with almost equally strange religious views on medicine exist right here today on planet Earth.

I suspect the parallel being drawn in this episode is with Jehovah's Witnesses, whose beliefs do not allow blood transfusions even in extreme medical circumstances.

hypatia November 29th 04 07:39

Re: EpDis: Believers
And Scientology, where I think basically any medical intervention is considered a sign of spiritual need, not medical need.

aajay November 29th 04 11:00

Re: EpDis: Believers
Always liked this episode. Interesting dilemna for Stephen and Sinclair.
Also has my favorite Kosh quote "the avalanche has already started, it is too late for the pebbles to vote"!

RW7427 November 29th 04 13:08

Re: EpDis: Believers
Some of you here have called Believers the worst B5 episode. I'd save that destinction for Season 4's Intersections in Real Time. :lol:

Believers, IMO, is a good ep, but not really bad enough to warrant "worse" status. It's not one that I really watch on a regular basis, but I'll still pop it in the VCR every now and then.

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